Young Eagles


Young Eagles program was started by the EAA in 1992 to interest young people in aviation. Since then more than 1.1 million Young Eagles have flown, thanks to the generosity of EAA member volunteers and pilots. EAA Chapter 241 is proud to take part in the Young Eagles program by holding Young Eagles rallies each year.

Each pilot volunteers their time and aircraft so the flights can be provided free of charge to interested young people ages 8 to 17. Pilots at the event will explain about their airplanes allowing young people to discover how airplanes work and how pilots ensure safety is the prime concern before every flight. A handout briefly explains airplane components, cockpit layout and describes the flight experience. It also contains answers to common questions and safety reminders.  Young Eagles form (1)

Following the flight, each young person will receive a certificate making them an official Young Eagle. Their name will then be entered into the “World’s Largest Logbook,” which is on permanent display at the EAA Air Adventure Museum in Oshkosh, WI.

We require that the parent or legal guardian complete the registration form included in the handout above Young Eagles form (1) for each child who would like to participate in the Young Eagles program. If the parent/guardian is unable to attend the Young Eagles rally with the child, please print off the registration form, complete both pages with your signature and send it with your child to the event with a responsible adult.

If you have any additional questions, please visit the EAA Young Eagles Website which has a dedicated area for the Young Eagles program.  You can also contact Steve Klopfenstein, our Young Eagles coordinator, or any EAA 241 member for more information on the program.  Check the most recent newsletter for current contact info.


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