Aviation Podcasts on the Internet

Podcast – a pre-recorded internet radio program formatted for listening on a portable audio player (mp3 or ipod).

AirSpeed Steve Tupper’s podcast reporting on his aviation adventures. Subscribe
AVWeb “World’s Premier Independent Aviation News Source.” Subscribe
The Finer Points CFI Jason Miller’s informative weekly aviation talk and safety sessions. Subscribe
Fly With Me “I’m Joe d’Eon… I’m a pilot for a major airline, and I take my recorder with me on trips to collect interviews and stories.” Subscribe
Fly With Me X Joe d’Eon’s Fly With Me additional content. Subscribe
Pilotcast Aviation Show for Pilots by Pilots (hangar flying conversations). Subscribe
Pilotslog “Travel with us to airshows, fly-ins and other aviation events” Subscribe
UltraFlight Radio Show Roy Beisswenger’s aviation show with guests from throughout the world of light aviation. Subscribe
Uncontrolled Airspace “Every week the UCAP gang gathers in the virtual hangar to talk about all things GA.” Subscribe
Pilot Will Podcast Will Hawkins aviation hangar talk. Subscribe

Note: To subscribe and automatically receive podcasts as they are released, a podcatcher software is needed. Apple iTunes is a popular choice for OSX and Windows. Juice is one free open-source alternative.

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